100 Days 100 Shows is a song from the 100th Episode Celebration.


Characters Singing


Mr. Salt: How many wonderful times have we had here?

Blue: (barking 100)

Mailbox: How many games have we played that made us glad here?

Blue: (barking 100)

Joe: How many friends and how many clues? So many ideas to use!

All: 100 days!

Mailbox: I brought you letters!

All: 100 shows!

Sidetable: It's so exciting!

All: 100 times!

Blue & Magenta: (barking You came here to play)

All: 100 days!

Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper: 100 snack times!

All: 100 shows!

Shovel Slippery and Pail: We really dig it!

Joe: 100 times you came here to play! Talking bout

Periwinkle: Shapes

Tickety: Numbers

Mailbox: Letters

Sidetable: Songs

Mr. Salt: Parts of the body

Mrs. Pepper: Painting

Shovel Slippery & Pail: Planting

Slippery: Reading

Mailbox: Writing

Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper: Groovy pool parties!

Joe: How many times have you helped me out? So come on now and help me shout!

All: 100 days!

Tickety: 100 dances!

Everybody: 100 shows!

Slippery: So many bubbles!

All: 100 times!

Blue, Green Puppy & Magenta: (barking You came here to play)

All: 100 days!

Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper: 100 juice pops!

All: 100 shows!

Sidetable: 100 notebooks.

All: 100 times!

Periwinkle: The times you came here to play

Joe: 100 days with you.

Mrs. Pepper: Means 300 pawprints and clues!

Mr. Salt: There must've been 1000000!

Joe: Where's Blue?

Snail: Where's Blue?

Joe: 100 days! 100 days!

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