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ABC's & 123's is a Blue's Clues VHS tape featuring episodes from its 2nd season.

VHS Contents

  1. Paramount Means Family Entertainment VHS Trailer
  2. Nick Jr. VHS Song Trailer
  3. Blue's Clues: Blue's Birthday Arts And Crafts and Story Time VHS Trailer
  4. Peanuts VHS Trailer
  5. Feature Presentation/With Viacom Company
  6. FBI Warning
  7. Paramount Pictures/Viacom Company
  8. Nick Jr. Frogs Bumper
  9. Nick Jr. Face Sings the Alphabet Song
  10. Blue's ABCs
  11. Nick Jr. Face Counts 4 Potatoes
  12. Math
  13. Nick Jr. Face Loves Bubbles
  14. Blue's Clues Credits
  15. Nick Jr. Ducks Logo
  16. Nickelodeon Slime Cloud Logo
  17. Paramount Pictures/Viacom Company


  • This and the Rhythm and Blue VHS tapes were released on January 12, 1999 by Nickelodeon and Paramount.
  • This is the 1st video to feature 2 episodes from season 2.
  • These episodes from this VHS release were also included as a bonus on the DVD release of Blue Takes You to School.
  • This was not the last video to have a Hosted by Face label on the back cover. Blue's Big Holiday (VHS) was the last.


  • 64


  • January 12, 1999
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