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ABC's and 123's


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ABC's and 123's is a Blue's Clues VHS tape featuring episodes from its 2nd season.

VHS Contents

  1. Paramount Means Family Entertainment Trailer
  2. Nick Jr promo
  3. Blue's Birthday VHS
  4. Peanuts home video
  5. Paramount Feature Presentation (w/Viacom company)
  6. Paramount Pictures (w/Viacom company)
  7. Nick Jr Frogs bumper
  8. Face Sings ABC Song
  9. Blue's ABCs
  10. Face Counts the Potatoes
  11. Math
  12. Face loves Bubbles
  13. Blue's Clues Credits with Music from Math
  14. Nick Jr Ducks
  15. Paramount Pictures logo


  • This and the Rhythm and Blue VHS tapes were released on January 12, 1999 by Nickelodeon and Paramount.
  • This is the 1st video to feature 2 episodes from season 2.
  • These Blue's Clues episodes were back to back Blue Clue's episodes from season 2. This is probably the first Blue's Clues VHS to have back to back Blue's Clues episodes.
  • These episodes from this VHS release were also included as a bonus on the DVD release of Blue Takes You to School.
  • This was the last video to have a Hosted by Face label on the back cover.


  • 64


  • January 12, 1999

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