"Another Blue's Clues Day" is a song featured before episodes of Blue's Clues from seasons 5 and 6.

Characters Singing


Joe: Come on in!

Blue: Bow, bow, bow!

Joe: What did you say?

Viewer: A clue, a clue!

Joe: You see a clue?

Viewer: We see a clue!

Joe: Another Blue's Clues day, hooray! Do you want to play...

All: Blue's Clues?

Joe: So count to three!

Pail, Periwinkle and Shovel: One, two, three!

Joe: And clap your hands!

Tickety, Slippery and Magenta: Clap your hands!

Joe: Learn something new!

All: Something new! Join our Blue's Clues band today!

Mailbox: Right this way!

All: It's another Blue's Clues day!

Mr Salt: (name of episode)

All: It's another Blue's Clues day!

Blue: Bow, bow!


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