Baby Bear


Baby Bear
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Baby Bear is a young bear and a friend of Blue. She lives with Papa Bear and Mama Bear in a storybook. Baby Bear is part of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She is a recurring character in Blue's Clues.


Baby Bear is a tan-brown color. She has two white eyes with black pupils and has a large black nose. Her feet are short and brown. She has a pink mouth.


Baby Bear has appeared in 9 episodes. Her first appearance was in Blue's Story Time. She also appeared in Blue's Birthday, The Trying Game, Steve Gets the Sniffles (on picture frame), What Is Blue Trying to Do?, Hide and Seek (on picture frame), Superfriends (on picture frame), Making Changes, Joe's First Day (on picture frame), and "Can You Help?".


  • There are some episodes where she appeared in the living room picture frame.
  • She has a baby sister named Baby Baby Bear.
  • Even though she, Mama Bear, and Papa Bear didn't appear in "The Fairy Tale Ball", their house and chairs (which all look different in this episode) do. Joe tries using their chairs to substitute for the Thinking Chair (which was back at the house); Papa Bear's felt a little hard, Mama Bear's felt a little soft, but Baby Bear's felt just right, so Joe used if for a thinking chair.
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