Season 4, Episode 13 (85 overall)
Monday, December 3, 2001
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An Architecture
1. A Triangular Block
2. Another Triangular Block
3. An Arch Block
Wrong Answer
Making a rectangle with the two triangular blocks Together and putting the arch block on top
Answer to Blue's Clues
Blue Wants To Build A Bridge

Blocks is the 13th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 4.

Characters Present


Blue's friend Green Puppy is over visiting with Blue at the Blue's Clues house and we're all having fun with blocks. Steve & Blue constructing towers with our help and Green Puppy knocking over towers of her own. We learn about concepts such as balance, shapes and as we construct. A Skidoo segment offers a look into architecture. We help an architect to select shapes to build various structures based on blueprints that he's created.




  • This is the third instance in which it is shown that Green Puppy enjoys knocking over blocks, the first time being in Blue's Sad Day.
  • This is the last episode to air in 2001.
  • This is the only time Green Puppy skidoos.
  • Green Puppy gets rid of the pawprint in this episode.
  • This episode marks the final time Steve makes the wrong answer.


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