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Blue's Big News: Read All About It! is the 1st volume of a Blue's Clues VHS tape featuring two episodes from its 4th season.

Episodes Featured


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  9. Rugrats: 10th Anniversary: Decade in Diapers: Collector's Edition and All Grown Up VHS Trailer
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  13. Face Wears a Disguise (Short Version)
  14. What's New, Blue?
  15. Face Tries Out Lots of Different Patterns (Short Version)
  16. Blue's New Place
  17. Blue's Clues Credits (Blue's Big Mystery)
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Face Promos

  1. Face Wears a Disguise (Short Version)
  2. Face Tries Out Lots of Different Patterns (Short Version)


  • This and the second volume were produced by Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures on November 6, 2001.
  • This is the first video to have Season 4 episodes.
  • The second episode of this VHS was shown again on the Blue's Room: World Travelers DVD and is re-titled Special Spaces.
  • This and The Baby's Here! marks the last Videocassette to be released in Orange.
  • This is the first time they have the Nickelodeon Haypile logo at the end right after the Nick Jr. Monkeys logo (also for the first time). Those were about to take over the other videos from 2002 to 2004.


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  • November 6, 2001