1. Steve Gets the Sniffles
  2. What Does Blue Want to Build?
  3. Blue's Senses
  4. What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?
  5. What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?
  6. What Was Blue's Dream About?
  7. Blue's ABCs
  8. Math
  9. Blue's Birthday
  10. What Does Blue Want to Do With Her Picture?
  11. What Does Blue Wanna Do on a Rainy Day?
  12. Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock
  13. The Lost Episode
  14. Blue's Sad Day
  15. What Game Does Blue Want to Learn?
  16. What Did Blue See?
  17. Nurture
  18. Blue is Frustrated
  19. What is Blue Trying to Do?
  20. Mechanics

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