1. Can You Help?
  2. The Big Book About Us
  3. Colors Everywhere!
  4. The Snack Chart
  5. 100th Episode Celebration
  6. Playing Store
  7. Patience
  8. Blue's Big Band
  9. Blue Goes to the Doctor
  10. Joe's Surprise Party
  11. I'm So Happy!
  12. The Boat Float
  13. Bedtime Business
  14. Shape Searchers
  15. Contraptions!
  16. A Brand New Game
  17. The Scavenger Hunt
  18. A Surprise Guest
  19. The Story Wall
  20. Up, Down, All Around!
  21. Dress Up Day
  22. Blue's Predictions
  23. Numbers Everywhere!
  24. The Alphabet Train
  25. Let's Write!
  26. Magenta's Messages
  27. Body Language
  28. I Did That!
  29. Look Carefully...
  30. Morning Music
  31. Animals in Our House?
  32. Blue's Big Car Trip
  33. Meet Polka Dots!
  34. Blue Takes You to School
  35. Our Neighborhood Festival
  36. Blue's First Holiday

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