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All the clues there have ever been in the show

  1. 0: 1-Numbers Everywhere!, 3-Numbers Everywhere!
  2. 1: 1-Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme, 2-Numbers Everywhere!
  3. A (word): 2-Words
  4. Animal Footprints: 1-Blue's Big Mystery, Blue's Big Costume Party
  5. Apple: 1-Thankful
  6. Arched Block: 3-Blocks
  7. Arrow: 2-Magenta's Messages
  8. Baby Powder: 1-Making Changes
  9. Backyard: 1-Blue's Wishes
  10. Bag: 1-Shy, 2-Blue Goes to the Doctor
  11. Ball: 1-What's So Funny?, 2-What's So Funny?, A Brand New Game, 3-What's So Funny?
  12. Balloon: 3-The Scavenger Hunt
  13. Bandage: 2-Occupations
  14. Barn: 2-Blue's Favorite Song
  15. Basket: 1-Blue Goes to the Beach, 2-The Trying Game, Can You Help?
  16. Beans: 2-Blue's Big Band
  17. Bear: 3-What Story Does Blue Want to Play?
  18. Bed: 3-What's New, Blue?
  19. Bike: 2-Morning Music
  20. Bird: 3-Patience, Contraptions!
  21. Black (color): 2-The Alphabet Train
  22. Black and White: 1-Animal Behavior!
  23. Blanket: 1-What Time is it for Blue?, 2-Blue Goes to the Beach, Blue's Big Holiday
  24. Block Tower: 1-Blue's Sad Day
  25. Blue (character): 1-Weight and Balance, 2-Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day 3-What is Blue Trying to Do?, Magenta Gets Glasses
  26. Blue (color): 1-Blue's Book Nook, Colors Everywhere!
  27. Blue Star: 2-Blue's Collection
  28. Blue's House: 3-Magenta's Messages
  29. Book: 2-What Time is it for Blue?, 3-Blue's Big Pajama Party, Geography
  30. Books: 1-Something To Do Blue
  31. Bottle: 3-Blue's News
  32. Bouncing: 3-Blue's Collection
  33. Bowl: 1-What Story Does Blue Want to Play?, Nurture! 2-Steve Gets the Sniffles
  34. Box: 1-Blue's Senses, What's Inside?
  35. Boy: 1-Puppets
  36. Bricks: 1-Blue's Story Time
  37. Bubbles: 1-What Does Blue Need?, Superfriends
  38. Bug: 1-Look Carefully...
  39. Building: 1-Geography
  40. Buttons (clothing): 2-What Does Blue Want to Make? 2-Imagine Nation
  41. Buttons (electrical): 2-Steve Goes to College
  42. Cactus: 3-Environments
  43. Camera: 3-Magenta Comes Over
  44. Can: 3-Blue's Big Band
  45. Car: 3-Blue's Big Car Trip
  46. Carrot: 1-A Snowy Day, 2-Nurture!, Blue's First Holiday (flashback)
  47. Cart: 2-Shape Searchers
  48. Cash Register: 1-Shape Searchers
  49. Castle: 2-Love Day
  50. Chair: 2-What Story Does Blue Want to Play?, 3-Mailbox's Birthday
  51. Chalk: 2-What Game Does Blue Want to Learn?
  52. Chalkboard: 3-Something To Do Blue
  53. Changing Colors: 3-Prehistoric Blue
  54. Cheese: 2-Blue's School
  55. Chocolate Syrup: 3-The Snack Chart
  56. Chrysalis: 3-Bugs!
  57. Circle (1): 1-Imagine Nation, Blue's School, 3-Blue Takes You to School
  58. Circle (multiple): 1-Blue's First Holiday (flashback; the very 1st clue ever), 2-Let's Plant, Meet Blue's Baby Brother!, 3-Soccer Practice
  59. Clock: 1-Hide and Seek
  60. Clothes: 3-Superfriends
  61. Cloud: 1-Stormy Weather, 2-What's that Sound?, 3-Blue's Book Nook
  62. Colors: 2-Bugs!, 3-Meet Blue's Baby Brother!
  63. Cone: 2-Soccer Practice
  64. Cookie: 1-Café Blue, 3-Café Blue
  65. Cow: 2-Blue's ABCs, 3-Snack Time
  66. Crayon: 1-Periwinkle Misses His Friend, 2-Joe Gets a Clue
  67. Crayons: 2-The Big Book About Us
  68. Crib: 1-What's New, Blue?
  69. Cup: 1-Snack Time, Contraptions!, 2-Math!
  70. Cupcakes: 2-The Scavenger Hunt
  71. Curved Line: 2-I Did That!
  72. Diamond Shape: 3-Mechanics!
  73. Diaper: 3-Making Changes
  74. Dirt: 1-The Grow Show
  75. Door: 1-Adventures in Art, 2-I'm So Happy!
  76. Down light switch: 3-The Wrong Shirt
  77. Drawer: 3-Blue's Big Musical Movie
  78. Drawing of Steve and Blue: 1-What is Blue Trying to Do?
  79. Drop of Water: 1-What's that Sound? (multiple), 2-Stormy Weather (1)
  80. Drum: 2-What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?
  81. Duck: 1-Blue's Favorite Song, Blue Wants to Play a Game, 2-Blue Wants to Play a Game
  82. Duct Tape: 2-What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?
  83. E: 3-Let's Write!
  84. Egg: 3-The Fairy Tale Ball
  85. Eggs: 3-What Did Blue See?
  86. Envelope: 2-What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?, 3-Periwinkle Misses His Friend
  87. Fallen Down Block Tower: 3-Blue's Sad Day
  88. Feather: 1-What is Blue Afraid Of?, 2-Joe's First Day
  89. Feet: 2-Story Wall
  90. Flashing Colors: 3-Our Neighborhood Festival
  91. Flashlight: 1-What Does Blue Want to Build?
  92. Flower: 2-Blue's Play
  93. Flowers: 1-The Lost Episode!
  94. Folded Piece of Paper: 2-Periwinkle Misses His Friend
  95. Food: 3-Shape Searchers
  96. Footprint: 2-Shy
  97. Freezing: 3-Stormy Weather
  98. Friends: 1-A Brand New Game, 2-Blue Takes You to School
  99. Giant: - 3-Puppets
  100. Glasses: 1-Blue's Big Treasure Hunt
  101. Glass Slipper: 3-Love Day
  102. Gliding: 3-Blue's Wishes
  103. Goose: 3-Blue Wants to Play a Game
  104. Grandfather Clock: 2-Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme
  105. Grass: 2-The Lost Episode!, Nature
  106. Green (color): 1-Blue's Birthday, Dress Up Day
  107. Green Light: 1-Signs
  108. Green Puppy: 2-Blue's Sad Day
  109. A Green Striped Dress 3-Blue's Big Treasure Hunt
  110. Green Stripes 2-Draw Along with Blue
  111. Guitar: 2-The Baby's Here!
  112. Hands on Hips: 2-Body Language
  113. Hat: 2-A Snowy Day
  114. Heart: 3-Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day
  115. Helmet: 1-Pretend Time
  116. Hippo: 3-Blue's Play
  117. Hopping: 2-Animals in Our House?, 3-Dress Up Day
  118. Horn: 1-The Trying Game
  119. Horse: 2-The Fairy Tale Ball
  120. Hose: 2-The Boat Float, Playdates
  121. House: 2-Patience
  122. Ice: 1-Math! (two cubes), 2-Blue's Wishes
  123. Ice Cream: 2-Café Blue
  124. Ice Cube Trays 3-Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!
  125. Iceberg: 2-Animal Behavior!
  126. J: 1-Let's Write!
  127. Joe: 1-Joe's Clues, 3-Blue Goes to the Doctor
  128. Joe's Present: 2-Joe's Surprise Party
  129. Jump (word): 3-Blue's ABCs
  130. Kazoo: 3-Joe's Clues
  131. Knob: 2-Blue's Big Musical Movie
  132. Ladder: 3-Playdates
  133. Lamp: 2-Blue's Big Pajama Party, The Wrong Shirt
  134. Leaf: 2-Thankful
  135. Lemon: 3-Math!
  136. Leotard: 1-What Was Blue's Dream About?
  137. Lid: 1-Blue's Big Band
  138. Light: 2-Blue's Senses
  139. Line Going Up and Down: 3-The Anything Box
  140. Lines: 2-Playing Store
  141. Lizard Shape: 2-Prehistoric Blue
  142. Lunchbox: 2-Something To Do Blue
  143. Magenta (character): 1-Magenta's Messages
  144. Magenta (color): 3-Pool Party
  145. Magenta's House: 1-Magenta Gets Glasses, 3-Morning Music
  146. Mailbox: 3-What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?
  147. Make (word): 1-Words
  148. Marching Toy: 3-What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?
  149. Mat: 2-What Was Blue's Dream About?
  150. Milk: 2-The Snack Chart
  151. Mirror: 1-Bedtime Business, 3-The Big Book About Us
  152. Moon: 1-Blue's ABCs
  153. Mop: 1-Love Day
  154. Mouse: 1-Blue's Play, 3-Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme
  155. Mouth: 1-Anatomy, I Did That!
  156. Moving: 1-Story Wall
  157. Mr. Salt: 1-Blue's News
  158. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper: 1-Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day
  159. Mrs. Pepper: 2-Blue's News
  160. Music: 1-The Scavenger Hunt, 3-What's Inside?, Story Wall
  161. Night: 1-Our Neighborhood Festival
  162. Notebook: 1-Draw Along with Blue, Inventions, Blue's Big Musical Movie
  163. Numbers: 1-What Game Does Blue Want to Learn?, Steve Goes to College, Playing Store, 2-Weight and Balance
  164. O: 2-Let's Write!
  165. Open: 2-What's Inside?
  166. Orange Juice: 1-Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!
  167. Outside: 2-Signs
  168. Pad of Paper: 1-¡Un Día Con Plum!
  169. Pail (not the character): 1-Rhyme Time
  170. Paintbrush: 3-¡Un Día Con Plum!
  171. Pajamas: 3-Hide and Seek
  172. Paper: 1-Blue's New Place, Joe Gets a Clue, The Big Book About Us
  173. Paper Towel Roll: 1-What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?
  174. Paprika: 2-What's New, Blue?
  175. Pathway: 1-I'm So Happy!
  176. Pawprints: 1-Blue's Big Holiday, 3-Inventions
  177. Pencil: 2-What is Blue Trying to Do?, Blue's New Place
  178. Periwinkle: 2-Blue's Predictions
  179. Person: 1-Adventure, 2-A Surprise Guest, 3-Draw Along with Blue
  180. Picture of Baby with Mouth Open: 3-The Baby's Here!
  181. Pie Plate: 1-Art Appreciation
  182. Pig: 3-Blue's Story Time
  183. Pillow: 2-Hide and Seek 3-What Time is it for Blue?
  184. Planet: 3-Meet Polka Dots!
  185. Plastic Bottles: 3-What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?
  186. Plastic Bottles Arranged in a Triangle: 2-Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza
  187. Plastic Bottles Knocked Down: 3-Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza
  188. Plate: 2-Let's Boogie
  189. Pocket: 3-Animals in Our House?
  190. Poem (word): 3-Words
  191. Pond: 2-Dress Up Day
  192. Popsicle Stick: 1-Occupations, 2-Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!
  193. Pot: 1-What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day? (lids), Let's Boogie
  194. Pumpkin: 3-Thankful
  195. Puppy (animal): 2-Pool Party, 3-Colors Everywhere!
  196. Puppy (word): 1-Meet Blue's Baby Brother!
  197. Rain: 2-Blue Wants to Play a Song Game
  198. Rattle: 1-The Baby's Here!, 3-Blue's Big Holiday
  199. Really Big Shoes: 3-Adventure
  200. Red: 1-Let's Plant, The Boat Float
  201. Red Rocking Chair: 2-Blue's Big Treasure Hunt
  202. Red Stripe: 1-Blue's Collection
  203. Red With Black Spots: 3-Look Carefully...
  204. Rocket: 3-Pretend Time
  205. Rolling: 1-Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza 3-What Was Blue's Dream About?
  206. Roof: 3-Adventures in Art
  207. Rubber Bands: 3-What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?
  208. Rug: 1-Blue Takes You to School
  209. Sail: 2-Rhyme Time
  210. Sand: 2-Environments
  211. Sandwich: 3-Blue Goes to the Beach
  212. Scales: 2-Prehistoric Blue, 3-Up, Down, All Around!
  213. School: 1-Pool Party, A Surprise Guest
  214. Scotch Tape: 1-Joe's Surprise Party
  215. Scrunched up eyebrows: 1-Body Language
  216. Scrunched up mouth: 3-Body Language
  217. Seeds: 2-Contraptions!, 3-The Grow Show
  218. Shadow: 2-What is Blue Afraid Of?
  219. Shapes: 1-Nature
  220. Sheet: 2-What Does Blue Want to Build?
  221. Shelf: 2-Geography
  222. Shell: 3-Blue's Birthday
  223. Sidewalk: 1-Morning Music
  224. Sink: 1-Blue is Frustrated, 2-Bedtime Business
  225. Siren: 3-The Boat Float
  226. Sky: 3-Nature
  227. Sleeping Bag: 1-Blue's Big Pajama Party
  228. Slide: 3-A Brand New Game
  229. Smile: 2-Magenta Comes Over
  230. Smock: 2-¡Un Día Con Plum!
  231. Snow: 3-Blue's First Holiday (flashback)
  232. Snowball: 3-A Snowy Day
  233. Soap: 2-Blue's Big Car Trip, 3-What Does Blue Need? (Slippery Soap)
  234. Sock: 3-What Does Blue Want to Make?
  235. Sound (Boom): 2-Adventure
  236. Sound (Chugga Chugga): 3-Blue's Senses
  237. Sound (Hee Hee!): 3-I Did That!
  238. Sound (Hoo! Hoo!): 3-What is Blue Afraid Of?
  239. Sound (Quack): 3-Joe's First Day
  240. Sound (Ringing): 3-Steve Goes to College
  241. Sound (Squeak): 3-Blue's Big Costume Party
  242. Sound (Thunder): 3-What's that Sound?
  243. Spider: 3-Blue Wants to Play a Song Game
  244. Spiral:3-Joe Gets a Clue
  245. Spoon: 1-Steve Gets the Sniffles (1), 3-Art Appreciation (multiple)
  246. Squares: 3-What Game Does Blue Want to Learn? (arranged into a hopscotch shape)
  247. Squiggly Lines: 3-Let's Boogie
  248. Stage: 1-Blue's Predictions, 2-Joe's Clues
  249. Stamp: 1-What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?
  250. Star: 2-Pretend Time
  251. Stars: 2-Meet Polka Dots!
  252. Stethoscope 3-Occupations
  253. Steve: 1-Magenta Comes Over
  254. Sticks: 1-What Did Blue See?
  255. Straw: 1-The Snack Chart, 2-Snack Time
  256. String: 1-Mechanics!, 2-Art Appreciation
  257. Sun: 1-Blue Wants to Play a Song Game, Environments
  258. Table: 1-Making Changes, 3-What Does Blue Want to Build?, Signs
  259. Tail: 1-Animals in Our House?, 2-Blue's Big Mystery
  260. Tall: 3-A Surprise Guest
  261. Tall Plant: 2-Puppets
  262. Tank: 2-Blue's Birthday
  263. Tape Cassette: 2-Mailbox's Birthday
  264. Tape Player: 1-Mailbox's Birthday
  265. Tissue Box: 2-What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?
  266. Tomato Sauce: 3-Blue's School
  267. Tooth: 3-Anatomy
  268. Toothbrush: 3-Blue is Frustrated, Bedtime Business
  269. Towel: 2-What Does Blue Need?
  270. Tracks: 2-The Anything Box
  271. Tree: 2-What Did Blue See? , 3-The Lost Episode!
  272. Triangle ears: 3-Blue's Big Mystery
  273. Triangles: 3-Imagine Nation
  274. Triangular Block: 1-Blocks, 2-Blocks
  275. Truck: 1-Soccer Practice
  276. Tune (A A G): 2-Bluestock
  277. Tune (C C C G): 1-Bluestock
  278. Tune (C C C G A A G): 3-Blue's Favorite Song
  279. Tune (E E D D C): 3-Bluestock
  280. Turquoise (Blue's Pet Turtle): 3-Nurture!
  281. Under: Up, Down, All Around!
  282. Up: 1-Meet Polka Dots!, 2-Blue's Book Nook, Our Neighborhood Festival
  283. Up Light Switch: 1-The Wrong Shirt
  284. VHS Tape: 3-Shy
  285. Vegetables: 3-Steve Gets the Sniffles
  286. Viewer: 3-I'm So Happy!
  287. Vine: 3-Let's Plant
  288. Waddling: 3-Animal Behavior!
  289. Wall: 1-The Fairy Tale Ball
  290. Wand: 3-Blue's Predictions
  291. Water: 1-What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?, Blue's Big Car Trip, Playdates, 2-Blue is Frustrated, Superfriends, Up, Down, All Around!
  292. Watering Can: 2-The Grow Show
  293. Webbed Feet: 1-Joe's First Day
  294. Weighing Scale: 3-Weight and Balance
  295. Whale: 3-Rhyme Time
  296. Wheel: 3-The Trying Game
  297. Wheels: 3-The Anything Box
  298. Whiskers: 2-Blue's Big Costume Party
  299. White: 1-The Alphabet Train
  300. White Coat: 1-Blue Goes to the Doctor
  301. Wiggling Motion: 2-Anatomy
  302. Wind: 2-Mechanics!
  303. Window: 2-Adventures in Art, Magenta Gets Glasses
  304. Wings: 1-Bugs!, 2-Look Carefully...
  305. Wolf: 1-Can You Help?, 2-Blue's Story Time
  306. Wood: 1-Patience 3-Playing Store
  307. Wrapping Paper: 3-Joe's Surprise Party
  308. Yarn: 1-What Does Blue Want to Make?, 3-Blue's New Place
  309. Yellow: 2-Colors Everywhere!
  310. Z: 3-The Alphabet Train


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