Create a miniature Blue! Begin with an egg, then use felt and construction paper to embellish. - Blue Decorative Egg


  • 1 egg carton
  • Pale and medium-blue felt
  • White construction paper
  • 1 hard-boiled egg
  • Pale blue, medium-blue, and white acrylic paint
  • Blue Egg Template
  • Craft glue
  • Fine-point black marker
  • Scissors

Crafty Tip

Plastic eggs and boiled eggs work equally well for this project.


Before You Begin

To make the stand for your egg, cut a cardboard egg carton into individual cells, turn each cell upside down, and cut an opening in the top just big enough to secure the base of the egg.

Step 1

Paint the egg pale blue. Let it dry.

Step 2

Using the Blue Egg Template as a guide, cut ears from the pale blue felt. Cut medium-blue dots of felt and glue them in the center of ears.

Step 3

Glue the ears on Blue's head.

Step 4

Cut more medium-blue felt dots and glue them on Blue's face.

Step 5

Cut oval-shaped eyes from the construction paper, color the eyes with the black marker, and glue them on the egg.

Step 6

Using the medium-blue paint, paint on Blue's nose. Highlight with white paint.

Step 7

Paint the egg stand pale blue.

Step 8

Cut out a pale blue felt paw shape and five medium-blue felt dots.

Step 9

Glue the dots on the felt paw shape.

Step 10

Glue Blue's paw print on an egg cell.

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