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Blue Prints

"Blue Prints" Title Card

Test pilot
June 26, 1995
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Blue Prints is the pilot episode of Blue's Clues.

Characters Present


  • In this test pilot, Steve's shirt is a short-sleeved red shirt. In the first official episode, it was changed to a long-sleeved green striped shirt.
  • Early concepts showed Blue as a male cat, she became a female dog because Nick Jr. said that they already green lighted a show with a cat.
  • The animation is different from the rest of the series, but the thinking chair is the same throughout.
  • Nick Balaban, the voice of Mr. Salt, originally gave the character a New York accent before deciding the character should be French.
  • The skidoo sound effect will be transferred to the more familiar title of the show, Blue's Clues.
  • The pilot did not air on Nick Jr. due to being a test pilot being shown to some preschool kids to see if the show would get the green light. Although clips of it can be shown on Behind the Clues: 10 Years With Blue.
  • Steve says that he never played Blue's Clues before. Something similar happens to Joe in Joe Gets a Clue.
  • Sidetable is yellow rather than red and orange in the pilot.
  • If going off the release of the pilot, then Blue's Clues will be 20 years old as of June 26, 2015.


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