Blue Takes You to School

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Season 5, Episode 25 (121 overall)
Monday, August 11, 2003
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1. A Rug
2. Friends
3. A Circle
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Circle Time

Blue Takes You to School is the 25th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 5.

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Periwinkle is ready for his first day of school. Once he gets there, he finds that he thinks that school is lots of fun. He takes part in activities such as circle time and painting time and even gets to feed Giggles, the class bunny. When it's time to go home, he likes school so much that he wants to play it as a game at home. And since the third clue was found on the way home, Joe figured out Blue's Clues and when playing school, they play the answer to Blue's Clues.




  • According to the original website of Elizabeth Holder, one working title for this episode was Peri's First Day of School. This episode appears in some online listings as Periwinkle's First Day of School.
  • Before this episode was ever released, a book was published titled Blue Goes to School. One of the kids in the movie, Daddy Day Care can be seen reading this book.
  • This is the only appearance of Rug and Circle as clues.
  • Periwinkle refers to Purple Kangaroo to her in this episode.
  • There was no skidoo or mailtime segment on this episode.
  • Blue has skidooed into her school in past episodes as well as a later episode, which sort of contradicts the idea that she needs to go to an actual physical building to go to school.
  • This is the second time Periwinkle goes through the door flap. The first time was in 100th Episode Celebration.
  • In the book of this episode, Purple Kangaroo says that red was his favorite color, but in this episode, he says that purple was his favorite color.
  • This is the first and only time we see Green Puppy angry. Just like Blue's picture of her in Blue's Sad Day.
  • In the book of this episode, Periwinkle was wetting Blue and Orange Kitten, But in this episode Periwinkle was wetting Orange Kitten and Green Puppy.
  • When Periwinkle opens the door flap, the telephone pick up sound effect from Blue Goes to the Beach is used.
  • The wind-up toy from "Blue's Senses" appears in one of the cubbies next to the 2nd clue (a picture of friends).
  • This is the only appearance of Giggles the bunny.
  • This is the only episode where the viewer does not give out the answer to Blue's Clues. Instead, the characters sing out the tune to "Circle Time".
  • The tune for "Circle Time" (along with several of its lyrics) will be put to later use when opening up Dress Up Chest in "Blue's Room".
  • In the original test screening for this episode, there was a scene where Orange Kitten and Green Puppy hit Periwinkle after he wet them. The scene was deleted after this, presumably due to violence.
  • This is the last time Joe's color choice was Yellow, he wore it for 4 episodes for the entire time of blues clues, all 4 episodes in season 5.


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