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Blue Talks is a Blue's Clues VHS tape and DVD featuring episodes from its 6th season.

Episodes Featured



  1. Curious Buddies VHS & DVD Trailer
  2. Nick Jr. Celebrates... VHS & DVD Trailer (Oswald Version)
  3. Dora the Explorer: Dora's Pirate Adventure VHS & DVD Trailer
  4. Peanuts VHS & DVD Trailer (A Charlie Brown Valentine, Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown and I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown)
  5. Charlotte's Web 1 & 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure VHS & DVD Trailer
  6. Rugrats Go Wild VHS and DVD Trailer (DVD)
  7. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  8. Paramount Home Video (2002)
  9. Nick Jr. ID Bumper - Frogs (2003)
  10. The Legend of the Blue Puppy
  11. Love Day
  12. Blue's Clues Credits (The Legend of the Blue Puppy & Love Day)
  13. Nick Jr. Productions (1999)
  14. Nickelodeon Haypile Logo
  15. Paramount Home Video (2002)


  • This was the first VHS to have Nick Jr. ID Bumper, but not the 1998 one, the new one from 2003, because starting until the next videos it will not have Nick Jr. Kids & the Nick Jr. Closing Bumpers anymore but ID Bumper Frogs from 2003.
  • The trailer for this VHS & DVD had the music and singers in the Nick Jr. VHS Trailer (which was first shown in Playtime with Periwinkle).


  • 53


  • May 25, 2004



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