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Blue is Frustrated


Season 2, Episode 18 (38 overall)
Sunday, May 17, 1998
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Picture of Forest
1. A Sink
2. Water
3. Blue's Toothbrush
Answer to Blue's Clues
Blue can't reach her toothbrush

Blue is Frustrated is the 18th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 2.

Characters Present


Steve and Blue teach the viewers what to do if they get frustrated.


Frustration happens to everyone, even characters in the Blue's Clues House, Fortunately, there's a way to deal with it, if you feel frustrated, the best thing to do is to stop, breathe & think. Steve uses this idea when he has trouble keeping the picture by the Thinking Chair straight. This idea helps out Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper as well. Later, we help out Rabbit who's frustrated about trying to balance things on a teeter totter.


  • In the UK version, Kevin says the word "hate" next to the first two clues.
  • In the Mailtime segment:
  • This is one of two episodes where Steve draws clues with a broken crayon.
    • The other episode was Math!.
  • This is the only time Steve loses his temper in the US version.
  • This is the only time Kevin loses his temper in the UK version.
  • This is the only time Duarte loses his temper in the Portugal version.
  • Steve can be heard saying gibberish words when he gets frustrated.
  • This is the first time Mailbox gets stuck, he will get stuck again in Blue's Big Musical.
  • A mishap occurs when Steve was about to draw, when he tried to draw a sink (the first clue), his crayon flew out of the notebook. Then when he tried to do the second clue (water), the crayon breaks.
  • The picture in the frame is a reference to the fable "The Fox and the Grapes".


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