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Boo is a nice ghost who lives in a haunted house. He was terrified of scary noises before Steve and Blue made a skidoo into his house. When Steve and Blue jumped into the haunted house picture together, they helped this ghost find the source of the noises within the house. First, the footsteps noise turned out to be Boo's black cat on the stairs. Second, the booming sound was a thunderstorm outside the house. Finally, the pots and pans noise turned out to be Boo's father preparing lunch for him. This ghost was not so scared anymore. He also was once afraid of the Oogla Boogla living in his house, but when he found out who the Oogla Boogla was, he decided to be friends with the monster rather than being enemies. Whenever Steve would say his name, he would get startled, hence his name. However, he breaks this habit in later appearances.


Boo is transparent. He has white outlines and eyes. His pupils are black.


Boo has appeared in two episodes, "What Is Blue Afraid Of?", and "Blue's Big Costume Party".


  • Boo appears on an online game called "Blue's Ghost Hunt".

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