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Cash Register

Cash Register

Male (US Version)/Female (UK version)
Cash Register
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voiced by
Justin Burke

Cash Register is the cash register of the present store. He is also the cashier. He often says complementary things about the items the characters buy from the present store.


Cash Register is yellow, has light blue buttons, and has receipt paper on him. He also has a dark green digital readout screen on top. His hands are white and his arms are yellow.


  • Cash Register was only in the episodes "Math!" and "Blue's Birthday".
  • He can control himself without anyone.
  • In other versions, Cash Register is portrayed as a female.
  • Cash Register also appeared in the computer games "Blue's Birthday Adventure", "Blue's 123 Time Activities", and "Blue's Reading Time Activities".
  • The cash register was 1 of 3 clues from the episode "Shape Searchers". When the clue was drawn, there was no face on it.


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