Colors, Colors Everywhere is a song from a Season 5 episode "Colors Everywhere!".

Characters Singing


(The colors Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, Green, and Orange swirl into the scene surrounding Joe and Blue)

Joe: Colors mix above my (Red and Yellow mix together) head.

Colors (Blue Purple Orange (Yellow and Red) Green and Orange): Colors (Yellow and Red split) mix a...

Colors (Yellow and Red): ...bove my head.

Joe: Like (Yellow and Red form again) Orange made with (Yellow and Red begin to split) Yellow and Red.

Colors (Yellow and Red): Orange made with Yellow and Red. (Joe goes to the left. He appears from the right of the next scene as Chartreuse enters from the left.  )

Colors (Chartreuse): Chartreuuuuuuuuuuuse

Joe and Colors (Chartreuse): A color (as Chartreuse hops to the upper left corner) I have not seen.

Joe: Looks to me like (Chartreuse partially splits into Yellow and Green) Yellowish-Green. (Yellow and Green jump up offscreen.  Violet hops in from the left.  )

Colors (Violet): Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

Joe: (as Violet sings) We want Violet, we know just what to do-oo.  

Colors (Violet): ...oooooooooooooooo.  

Joe: Just mix are 2 friends (Violet splits into...) Purple and Blue. (both colors hop to the left as Joe switches positions with them)

Joe and Colors (Purple and Blue): Just mix our 2 friends Purple and Bluuuuue. (Purple and Blue hop off to the right.  Joe follows, going to the next scene's center with Blue.  ) 

Joe: Mix (Blue and Yellow appear from the upper left corner) Blue and Yellow and they're...

Joe and Blue: ...suddenly (Blue and Yellow make...) Green.  (both colors partially split)

Colors (Blue and Yellow): Mix Blue and Yellow and they're suddenly Green.  (Yellow leaves in the upper left corner as Blue goes to the right)

Joe: Then (Green appears from the left side) Blue and Green make (Blue and Green come together to form...)

Joe and Blue: Aquamarine

Colors (Aquamarine): Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Joe: Colors...

Joe and Blue: ...bright...

Joe: ...and colors...

Joe and Blue: ...bold.  (3 more colors hop in; they are from the upper left corner: )

Colors (Vermilion): Vermilion, (the top: )

Colors (Vermilion and Magenta): Magenta, (and from the upper right corner: )

Colors (Vermilion Magenta and Marigold) and Marigold.  (all 4 colors hop into the background around Joe)

Joe: It's so amazing when you (cuts just to him) STOP, and stare.  (looks above himself) Colors, colors every... (Cuts back to him, Blue and the 3 primary colors, Red above, Yellow lower left corner, and Blue lower right corner.  )...where.  (the 3 secondary colors [Orange Green and Purple] join in with the other colors from upper left corner, below, and upper right corner respectively.  )

Joe Blue and Colors (Red Yellow and Blue): Colors...

Joe Blue and Colors (Orange Green and Purple): ...colors...

Joe Blue and Colors (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue and Purple): ...everywhere.  (The other colors: the 6 tertiary colors [Vermilion Marigold Chartreuse Aquamarine Violet and Magenta] pop out from the areas in between the first six colors, and go in their respective positions, forming the color wheel.)  

Joe Blue and Colors: Colors, colors everywhere.  (All 12 colors hop around in a circle, spin, and swirl around Joe and Blue.  )


  • The part of the song involving Green and Aquamarine was among the songs in the "Songs We've Sung" clipshow in "100th Episode Celebration".