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Dictionary is a book containing many words and their definitions that Blue looks in almost every day to find out what the Word of the Day is. She has a face and has the ability to speak, similar to all other residents of Blue's Room.


A supporting character in Blue's Room, a spin-off on Blue's Clues, Dictionary is an book and a good friend of Blue, her owner. As well as containing words and their definitions, the images used to represent words inside of her move. In every episode she reads every word to Blue.


Dictionary's cover is yellow and with a sparkly orange spine and corners. Her cover and spine are decorated with uppercase letters of the alphabet that are a darker color and the ones that spell her name are on the the part of the spine on the front cover. Her face, which has two eyes and a mouth, is also on the front cover. She also has many white pages with pictures and words on them inside her.


Dictionary has appeared in every episode of Blue's Room for Season 1. She has not appeared in any episodes of Blue's Clues (except for in Blue's Room Season 2). Her first appearance was in "Snacktime Playdate", the first episode of Blue's Room.


  • "♩ I'm Dictionary, words are very fun to look up in me. ♩"
  • "Your word today is..."
  • "You're welcome."


  • Her voice actress, Brianna Gentiella also provides the voice for Handy Dandy Journal.
  • She also provides the Season 1 voice and singing voice for Molly from the Nick Jr. television show "Bubble Guppies".
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