Dragonfly (also known as the rare "Jungle Dragonfly") is an insect that appeared in "Pretend Time".


Dragonfly is blue with white eyes with black pupils, a pair of clear green-striped wings, and 6 dark blue legs. Her friend looks just like her (though he is a male). There are 3 other dragonfly variants alongside Dragonfly's friend: one with clear unstriped wings and 6 legs; one with green unstriped wings and 4 legs; and one with clear green-striped wings and 4 legs.


  • Dragonfly (or her friend) also appeared in Blue's ABC Time Activities as one of the animals in the Safari Snapshots game (this animal is the one that starts with the letter D).
    • When you click on the dragonfly to get it's picture in Safari Snapshots, it flies in a circle twice.
  • A red dragonfly with clear unstriped wings and no visible legs appeared in The Trying Game. It was among the animals Steve had to figure out which is Caterpiller's grandmother (Butterfly).
  • A dragonfly with green unstriped wings and 6 legs appeared in "Prehistoric Blue". Archaeopteryx chased it up a tree while demonstrating how her claws work.
  • The scene where Dragonfly lands on Steve's nose appeared in the "Laughs We've Had!" clipshow in "100th Episode Celebration".