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Felt Friends

Felt People


The Felt Friends are recurring characters in Blue's Clues. The two that appear the most are Freddy and Fifi. All Felt Friends live in the Felt Frame as another world. They will usually need help in dealing with anything that has to do with shapes. They first appeared in Snack Time, but were first heard talking and moving in Blue's Favorite Song. Through out the series they made mostly cameo appearances related to the subject of the episode, but will sometimes need help.


The Felt Friends are fuzzy human-like characters made from shapes. They all have round head and rectangles for arms and legs, as well as a red mouth and black eyes. The torso comes in a variety of shapes, with the common female shape being a triangle and the male a square. Other shapes include Octagon and Hexagon.

The two common known Felt Friends are Fifi, who is green with a purple body, and Freddy, who is yellow with an orange body.

No two felt friends look-alike. Most of the named felt friends' names start with the letter F, with the exception of Diana Diamond, Cybil Circle, and Chris Crescent, who were named for their body shapes.  

Other Felt Friends

  • Sky blue with a big, green triangle body
  • Light blue with a green semicircle body
  • Dark blue with a pink diamond body
  • Beige with dark red oval body
  • Lilac with blue rectangle
  • Yellow with a green triangle body and a light orange O on it.
  • Dark green with a purple diamond body.
  • Yellow with a green circle body
  • Orange with a yellow cresent body
  • Lime Green with a sky blue parallelogram body
  • Soft pink with turqoise triangle.
  • Cyan with a magenta square body.
  • Green with an orange body.
  • Red with a yellow triangle body.
  • Light blue with a purple pentagon body


  • Franny (the yellow felt friend with a green triangle body and a light orange O on it) from What Game Does Blue Want to Learn? also appeared in Colors Everywhere! (where she was painting a blue splat {that had the first pawprint on it, making it the first clue} across the felt board) only she didn't have an O on her body.


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