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The Felt Friends are recurring characters in Blue's Clues. The two that appear the most are Freddy and Fifi. All felt friends live in the Felt Board as another world. They will usually need help in dealing with anything that has to do with shapes. They first appeared in Snack Time, but were first heard talking and moving in Blue's Favorite Song. Throughout the series, they made mostly cameo appearances related to the subject of the episode, but will sometimes need help.


The felt friends are human-like characters that are made from felt shapes. They all have circles for heads and rectangles for arms and legs, as well as a red mouth (with a matching tongue, though it has only been shown once) and black eyes. The torso comes in a variety of shapes, with the common female shape being a triangle and the male a square. Other shapes include circles, ovals, semicircles, crescents, diamonds, rectangles, parallelograms, pentagons, hexagons, and octagons.

The size of a felt friend depends on the location and perspective of the viewer from the Felt Board.  If a felt friend was in the felt board and an average adult person (like Steve) was outside it, the felt friend would be the size of that person's hand. If the person was inside the felt board along with the felt friend, the felt friend would be the size of an average child (about half the size of the person). When outside the felt board, the felt friend/s could be either size.

The two common known felt friends are Freddy, who is yellow with an orange square body, and Fifi, who is aquamarine with a purple triangle body.

Aside from having the same head shape, face, and limbs (with an exception to the latter), no two felt friends look-alike. Most of the named felt friends' names start with the letter F (or at least sounds like the letter F like "Ph"), with exceptions like Diana Diamond, Cybil Circle, and Chris Crescent, who were named for their body shapes.

Named Felt Friends

  • Freddy: a yellow felt friend with an orange square body
  • Fifi: an aquamarine felt friend with a purple triangle body
  • Felicia: a pink felt friend with a steel blue triangle body
  • Fred: A sky blue felt friend with a magenta square body
  • Felicia and Fred's Father: an orange felt friend with a lime green square body
  • Felicia and Fred's Mother: a red felt friend with a yellow triangle body
  • Fred: A purple felt friend with a blue square body
  • Franny: A yellow felt friend with a green triangle body
  • Diana Diamond a green felt friend with a purple diamond body
  • Cybil Circle: a yellow felt friend with a green circle body
  • Chris Crescent: an orange felt friend with a yellow crescent body
  • Phaderus: A purple felt friend with a red square body

Other Felt Friends

  • sky blue with a big green triangle body
  • light blue with a green semicircle body
  • yellow with a red semicircle body
  • dark blue with a pink diamond body
  • beige with a dark red oval body
  • lilac with a blue rectangle body
  • indigo with an indigo square body
  • lime green with a sky blue parallelogram body
  • soft pink with turquoise triangle body
  • cyan with a magenta square body
  • purple with a green triangle body    
  • aquamarine with an orange square body
  • orange with a lime green square body    
  • red with a yellow triangle body
  • light blue with a purple pentagon body
  • orange with a blue square body (Frankie)
  • purple felt friend with a lime green triangle body
  • aquamarine with an orange square body
  • orange with a magenta semicircle body
  • yellow with an orange triangle body (also named Franny)
  • light blue with a purple square body (also named Freddy)

Other Felt Beings


  • Rectangle: a thin red felt rectangle
  • Octagon: a lime green felt octagon
  • Oval: a lime green felt oval
  • Triangle: a yellow felt right triangle
  • Crescent: a red felt crescent
  • Circles: a pair of small lime green felt circles
  • Rectangle: a thick red felt rectangle
  • Trapezoid: a short long sky blue felt trapezoid


  • a pink felt cat
  • a blue felt bird
  • a felt gopher
  • a pair of felt oranges
  • a pair of felt potatoes
  • 2 bunches of 6 felt grapes
  • a gray felt elephant
  • 3 little felt kittens (1 white, 1 pink, and 1 blue) who have each lost a mitten (the left for the white and pink kittens, the right for the blue kitten), a reference to the nursery rhyme of the same name
  • a felt bird with a dark blue crescent body, a light blue circle head, a pair of black eyes, and a pair of aquamarine diamonds for its beak and wing
  • a felt bee with an orange body that has a yellow stripe in the middle, a pink head and wing, a pair of black eyes and mouth, and a pair of pink antenna with yellow round tips
  • a felt bird with a pink crescent body, a gold circle head and crescent wing, a black eye, and a yellow beak
  • 4 felt numbers (a red 4, a purple 9, an aquamarine 2, and a gold 0; the 9 and 0 are capable of moving together)
  • a felt sailboat consisting of a red semicircle for the boat with a pair of black eyes and an orange mouth on it, a yellow thin rectangle for the mast, and a white right triangle for the sail
  • a pink felt head with a pair of ears, a pair of black eyes, a yellow triangle nose, and a gold mouth
  • a felt face with a pair of eyes, a gold mouth, and a magenta tongue
  • a red felt bird with a yellow beak and a triangle for a wing
  • a green felt caterpillar
  • a pink felt rabbit


  • Besides the felt friends, other living felt beings exist including but not limited to: the felt cat; a felt bird, felt gopher, and sentient felt oranges, potatoes, and grapes in "The Grow Show"; the felt elephant; 3 felt kittens who have each lost a mitten in "The Lost Episode!"; 2 felt birds made from various shapes and a felt bee that were in the various felt scenes in "Hide and Seek"; 4 felt numbers (4, 9, 2, and 0), some of which are capable of moving, in "Weight and Balance" (which also appeared in the "Clues We've Found!" clipshow in "100th Episode Celebration"); a smiling felt sailboat in the felt frame (which Marky was drawing) in "Draw Along with Blue"; a felt head in "Anatomy"; a felt face in "What's So Funny?": a felt caterpillar in "Bugs!": a felt cow and 3 felt pigs in "The Snack Chart ": several sentient felt shapes in "Shape Searchers"; 5 felt bees (which Joe, Blue, and Tickety Tock counted) in "Numbers Everywhere!;, and a felt rabbit in "Playdates".  
  • Though she is unnamed, the felt friend from "Blue's News" made several appearances in other episodes such as several times in the felt board with Freddy in "Blue's Senses".
  • The felt friend that appeared in "What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?" (simply called Felt Friend) is different from the others in more than just body shape and color. Though he has a square body like most felt boys, it is indigo, the color like the rest of his body. He also has human-like feet instead of rectangle legs.
  • Even though they aren't felt friends or are even sentient, some of the numbers on the felt frame in "Weight and Balance" (specifically the 0 and 9) are capable of movement as they manage to hop over to the seesaw (which had the 2 on its left end and the 4 on its right, so the 2 is higher and the 4 is lower because 2 < 4) together and hop onto the end with 2 in it, making that end lower and the end with 4 on it higher because 0 + 9 + 2 > 4.
    • The 0, 2, and 9 also represent the 2nd clue for that episode (numbers), though the paw print was on the 0 and 9 before they got on the seesaw.
  • Fred (the felt boy that appeared in "Thankful") also appeared in the audience in "Blue's Big Musical".
    • In 1 scene, when the show was almost about to start, he found Snail under 1 of the rocks around the stage (specifically the 2nd rightmost one) and they talked to each other before looking up at Steve.
  • When Steve passed by the felt face that was on the felt board while going over to Blue at the beginning of "What's So Funny?", it winked its right eye and stuck its tongue out.
    • In the rest of its appearances, the felt face still had its tongue sticking out, but now has both eyes open.
  • The cyan felt friend with a yellow rectangle body that appeared on the felt board with Felicia/Franny in "Cafe Blue" had a dark blue mouth instead of the usual red.
  • In "The Baby's Here!", Felecia and Fred's Mom was shown in the felt board holding a yellow felt baby, meaning she may have given birth to him/her, making the felt baby Felecia and Fred's baby sibling
  • Felicia/Franny (the yellow felt friend with a green triangle body and a light orange O on it) from "What Game Does Blue Want to Learn?" also appeared in "Colors Everywhere!" (where she was painting a blue splat {that had the first pawprint on it, making it the first clue} across the felt board) only she didn't have an O on her body.
    • In that episode, Joe called her Franny.
  • The 3 felt friends on the felt frame (a purple felt friend with a lime green triangle body, an aquamarine felt friend with an orange square body, and an orange felt friend with a magenta semicircle body) represent the 1st clue (friends) in "A Brand New Game".
    • Another felt friend named Franny (who looks like the Franny mentioned above but with an orange triangle for a body, though it could that Franny with a different colored triangle) appeared in the episode's skidoo segment.
  • Another felt friend named Freddy appeared in "Up, Down, All Around!". He is light blue with a purple square body. He got lost trying to get back home to his house in the Felt Board, so he needed Joe's help to get there.


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