Felt Human
Freddy (brother)
Last Appearance
Blue's ABC Time Activities
Voice actresses
Kathryn Avery
Brittney Goncalves

Fifi is a felt girl and one of the Felt Friends. She lives in the felt board located inside the Blue's Clues house with all the other felt friends. She often needs help making items out of felt shapes. She is the sister of Freddy, and seem to be the same age as him.


Fifi is a aquamarine felt girl with a purple triangle body. Her favorite pass times include building objects with felt shapes, exploring the picture frame she lives inside of, and attending parties. The character has one known relative, Freddy, her brother. Fifi is a good friend of Steve, Joe & Blue, though she and Freddy seem to have never met any other main character besides them, such as Mailbox, Sidetable Drawer, Slippery Soap & Tickety Tock.


Like all felt friends, Fifi has a circle head and a pair of rectangle arms and legs (all of which are aquamarine), and a triangle body (which is purple) like most felt girls. She also has black eyes and a red mouth.



  • Kathryn Avery, who did the voice of Fifi, also provided the voice of Tickety Tock.
  • Fifi's voice was first heard over the phone from the episode Blue's Favorite Song. Soon after, she and Freddy were heard onscreen from the felt board.
  • Fifi is an audience member in Blue's Big Musical and Bluestock.

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