G Clef


G Clef
Musical symbol (G-clef)
Notes (supposedly)
Voice Actor

G Clef is a singing, dancing music musical symbol used to indicate the pitch of written notes with a funky attitude. He is friends with the Notes and lives inside of a sheet music book owned by Steve. G Clef knows how to create songs using tempo, notes, and rhythm. The symbol appears to have not met any characters besides the notes, Steve and Blue. The character enjoys singing and music.


G Clef is a talking musical symbol who can always lend a hand when it comes to music. He always wears a pair of red glasses with dark blue lenses. The character acts as a secondary protagonist in Blue's Big Musical Movie, who helps Steve learn how to create songs. He lives inside of a book containing sheet music along with many blue notes.


G Clef has dark red glasses with grey lenses. He is mostly black in color. His mouth is Pink. G Clef's design resembles a swirl connected by two lines. The character has a pair of black eyebrows above his glasses, though his eyes are never shown.


G Clef has only appeared in Blue's Big Musical Movie, though he made a cameo appearance on the living room picture in "Blue's Big Band".

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