Let's Boogie

Let's Boogie

Season 4, Episode 19 (91 overall)
Monday, April 15, 2002
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Choreographer's Book
1. A Pot
2. A Plate
3. Sqiggly lines
Answer to Blue's Clues
Spaghetti Dance

Let's Boogie is the 19th episode of Blue's Clues from season 4.

Characters Present


Steve & Blue explore all sorts of dances. They learn that all sorts of movements can qualify as a dance. In the Skidoo segment, they find out that a person who works to create dances is called a choreographer. The viewers help Steve & Blue to aid the Choreographer in performing a new dance of his.




  • In the Mailtime Segment, Mailbox talks about how he practiced bouncing with his dance teacher, Jukebox.
  • That is named after the Let's Boogie episode from The Fresh Beat Band.
  • First time Sidetable appears in the picture frame.


Do the Daisy


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