Magenta's Messages

Magenta's Messages

Season 5, Episode 29 (125 overall)
Thursday, September 18, 2003
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Magenta Should Come To Blue's House

Magenta's Messages is the 29th episode of Blue's Clues from season 5.

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Magenta, Blue's friend, is taking a trip to the beach and she asks us to look after her house. Fortunately, they're not without help, she's left them a number of written and picture messages to tell them what to do. They help out with things such as feeding her fish and taking out her recycling. They get to find out what more of the inside of her house looks like and even have fun solving a game of Blue's Clues outside.




  • The viewers get a look at the interior of Magenta's House.
  • Steve has never seen what Magenta's house was like from the inside but Joe and Blue did.
  • This is the only episode to use an alternate version of Mailtime, called E-mail. Aside from E-mail, this episode also used an alternate version of We Just Got A Letter.
  • Magenta was the answer to Blue's Clues from Pool Party but in this episode, she was a clue.
  • When feeding Magenta's fish, you have to choose the fish food out of fish, turtle, crab and frog food. One wonders if Magenta has all these pets, although this was really just to have the viewer make a selection.
  • This is the final Blue's Clues episode until Meet Blue's Baby Brother! to feature how to draw the clues.
  • The closed captions read "(dogs barking)" when Blue and Magenta were barking a lot. This happened three times.
  • This is the last episode for Joe to draw the clues. After that, the clues will talk and sing after they got all drawn.
  • Joe decided to do the clue review outside instead of inside. Steve did the similar thing in the episode Nature; only Steve & Blue were outside the whole time.
  • This is the first episode where Mailbox has no lines but Magenta's mailbox does speak.
  • Mailbox is listing to the music from the pin the flag on Mailbox game in Blue's Birthday.


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