Mail Time
Music by
Nick Balaban
and Michael Rubin
Lyrics by
Debuted in
Discontinued use (Last appearance in Bluestock)

Mail Time is a popular original song in Blue's Clues.


U.S. Version

Mailtime Men: Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, MAILTIME!

Here's the mail, it never fails
It makes me want to wag my tail
When it comes I wanna wail,

U.K. (British) Version

Kids: Post Time Post Time Post Time Post Time!!!

Post is here, the post is here
Letters come from far and near
All year round they make me want to CHEER!!!!!!!!!!

French (Canadian) Version

Voici le cri Il ne manque jamais
Il me donne envie de remuer rend ma queue q
uand il vient, je veux courrier

Spanish (Mexican) Version

El correo ya llegó
anunciando su canción
y girto con emoción,

Portuguese (Portugal) version

Shigo Corrieo Men: Shigo, Shigo, Shigo, Shigo, CORRIEO!

Shigo Corrieo, Corrieo Shigo Corrieo
Shigo Corrieo

Mailbox's Birthday

Here's the mail, it never fails
It makes me wanna wag my tail
When it comes I wanna wail,
Happy Birthday, Mail!

Blue's ABCs

Steve: Here's the...
The Viewers: Mail
Steve: It never...
The Viewers: Fails
Steve: It makes me want to wag my...
The Viewers: Tail
Steve: When it comes I wanna...
The Viewers: Wail
The Viewers and Blue: MAIL!!!!!!!!!!

Music in an Everyday Way

Mailbox: I'm the mail
Steve: You never fail
Mailbox: I make you wanna
Steve: Wag my tail
Both: When it comes we wanna wail, MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!


>Here's the mail, It never fails
It makes me want to wag my tail
When it comes I wanna mail,
(Superhero voice) The mails here.


Steve: Here's the mail, it never fails
It makes me want to wag my tail
When it comes I wanna wail,
Sock Puppet: MAIL!!!!!!!!!! Always wanted to do that.

E-mail (from Magenta's Messages)

Here's E-mail, It never fails
It makes me want to wag my tail
When it comes I wanna wail,


  • This segment of the show was the only one to stay unchanged throughout the entire run of the show, from "Snack Time" to "Bluestock".
  • The dance is like the Haka.
  • Starting with "What Time is it for Blue?" and throughout the entire series, the archive recordings were kept (except for a few episodes and all of them in Portugal dubbed).
  • The reason why Steve or Joe is doing his arm dance back and forth in the beginning is because it's a sign showing viewers the action of how Mailbox waves his flag.
  • Mailbox sang this song in "What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?" the audio version of the Season Three episode "Blue's Big Treasure Hunt" and the Season Six episode "Playdates".
  • India Arie sang a reggae version of this song in the Season Six "Bluestock".
  • In most episodes, at the end of this song, Steve is on the left side while Blue is on the right side.
    • But in some episodes, Steve is on the right side while Blue is on the left side.
    • This happens in Joe episodes too sometimes.
    • Also in some episodes, before Joe goes to the left side to say "MAIL", he goes to the right side while doing the wagging tail part with Blue.
  • This song got interrupted in two episodes:
    • The Season Four episode "The Baby's Here!" (Part of the five part story)
    • and the Season Five episode "Animals in Our House?" when the sounds of animals (a kookaburra, a lion, a monkey, and an elephant) can be heard before and after each line.
  • After the song, Blue would either go away or just watch Steve or Joe get the mail.
  • After Kevin finishes singing the Post Time song, he'll put his thumb up.
  • This is one of the only songs to have a slow tempo at the beginning but starts to go faster when Steve or Joe sing "It makes me want to wag my tail" (Kevin sings the line "Letters come from far and near" in the UK version).
  • In "Weight and Balance", "Occupations", "Blue's Play", "Shape Searchers" and "Animals in Our House?", Blue's barking was muted out.
  • In Season 6, at the end of the song, Blue howled out a little early before Joe yells "MAIL!"
  • This is a Western style song.
  • At the end of the Portugal version, Duarte makes a strange face when saying "GEEMO!"

Mailtime for Captain Tinkles only



Blue's Clues Mailtime US00:19

Blue's Clues Mailtime US

Shigo Correio Geemo00:12

Shigo Correio Geemo

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