Meet Polka Dots!


Season 5, Episode 26 (122 overall)
Monday, September 15, 2003
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Meet Polka Dots! is the 26th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 5.

Characters Present


The viewers get to learn about having imaginary friends.


This episode introduces us to Polka Dots, a small, stuffed green dog toy of Blue's with purple polka dots, who previously appeared in Blue Goes To The Doctor. We also learn more about Joe's stuffed duck, Boris. We play pretend with Slippery, learning that using our imagination and perhaps our own stuffed friend, we can do anything that we want to do. Then, we meet Periwinkle's friend, Mr. Plate, and visit new places and situations with the two of them.


  • In this episode, Blue is actually shown on-screen, placing her pawprint on every clue. This is largely due to the fact that the focus is on Blue for most of the episode anyway, while Joe is busy playing with stuffed duck, Boris.
  • This episode served as a springboard to introduce Polka Dots, who was introduced as a puppet character in the Blue's Room segment in "The Legend of the Blue Puppy." Polka Dots was first seen in "Bedtime Business."
  • Beginning with this episode, the format of showing one episode at the start of the week and then showing continuous repeats to reinforce the concepts is officially abandoned.
  • This episode appeared in Nickelodeon listings as "Polka Dots," but the title pennant at the ending of the intro read "Meet Polka Dots!".
  • In the Mailtime Segment, Joe quacks the "Mailtime" song, instead of singing the lyrics.
  • In this episode, Slippery, Tickety and Periwinkle referred to Polka Dots as her just like Joe did in "Blue Goes to the Doctor".
  • The notebook is decorated similar to the Viewer art.
  • This is Joe's version of Puppets and Imagine Nation.
  • This episode was on Nick Jr. Favorites Vol. 5 DVD. In that release, the Nickelodeon logo (W/ 2007 copyright info) is added after the Nick Jr. Productions logo.
  • There was no skidoo this episode, but Periwinkle images that in his imagination in his cardboard box home.
  • This is the third episode for the clues to talk & sing. Once again, it wasn't put to permanent use just yet.
  • This is the fifth and final episode where all 3 clues are found in the living room. The others are What Story Does Blue Want to Play?, What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?, Blue's Play, and A Surprise Guest.


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