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Miss Marigold is the teacher of Blue's preschool class. She is very friendly and caring for her students. Miss Marigold often wears golden earrings that look like marigolds (hints to the name).


Miss Marigold is an African-American, causing her skin to be a brown color. She has two black eyes and blue hair. Miss Marigold often wears an orange, yellow polka-dotted shirt and blue jeans, along with a pair of golden earrings and light brown shoes. Her arms and legs are fairly short. Miss Marigold wears red lipstick.


Miss Marigold has appeared in three episodes, Blue Takes You To School, A Surprise Guest, and Our Neighborhood Festival.


  • Though Blue's school is visited in two other episodes besides Blue Takes You To School, Miss Marigold is not shown in both of these episodes.
  • Just like Sarah Scientist, Miss Marigold is one of the only humans in the Blue's Clues series not to be live action.
  • In the PC game Preschool, Miss Marigold has black hair. In the series, her hair is blue.
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