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Norman Stiles
is a writer who worked on Sesame Street and its related products for over twenty years; his other works also include Blue's Clues

Stiles initially studied zoology and chemistry at Hunter College, and became a social worker for the New York City Welfare Department. During that period, he began writing comedy material for such performers as Ron Carey (later a regular on Barney Miller) and Marty Brill, and wrote for Merv Griffin

Stiles joined the Children's Television Workshop in 1971, and became the head writer on Sesame Street beginning with Season 12. In later years, his work would often touch upon sensitive topics,

He also writes episodes for Blue's Clues and writes the songs for the show.

Episodes Stiles Wrote

Mailbox's Birthday (with Angela C. Santomero and Mark Saltzman)

Blue's Favorite Song (with Angela C. Santomero)

Blue Goes to the Beach (with Angela C. Santomero)

Pretend Time (with Angela C. Santomero and John Morning)

What Was Blue's Dream About? (with Michael Smith and Alice Wilder)

What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day? (with Angela C. Santomero)

Hide and Seek (with Michael Smith and Alice Wilder)

Art Appreciation (with Michael T. Smith)

Prehistoric Blue (with Michael T. Smith)

Blue's Big Musical Movie (with Angela C. Santomero and Michael T. Smith)


Joe's Surprise Party! (with Adam Peltzman)

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