Our Dream

Sleeping Beauty's Dream


Our Dream from What Was Blue's Dream About?.

Characters Singing

Song Writers


Sleeping Beauty: First I was afraid, and Blue and Steve and You skidooed here, by my side. You took that scary monster and turned it into a treat.

Steve: Piece of cake.

Sleeping Beauty: You took those scary trees, made three balloons!

Steve: Pretty neat.

Sleeping Beauty: And when that pointy fence came out, we knew just what to do. We took our dream and changed that fence to hats for me and YOU! 'Cause it's......OUR DREAM!

Steve: Our dream.

Sleeping Beauty: We can change it if we like.

Chorus: Our dream!

Steve: Our dream.

Sleeping Beauty: We can make it turn out right.

Chrous: OUR DREAM!

Steve: Our dream.

Sleeping Beauty: Now I know just what to do.

Steve & Sleeping Beauty: We changed those scary things into something new.

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