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Paprika Shaker

Spice Shaker
Mr. Salt (father), Mrs. Pepper (mother), Cinnamon (brother), Grandma Cayenne (grandmother)
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voice actresses
Jenna Marie Castle (1997-2001)
Corrine Hoffman (2001-2006)

Paprika is a spice container. She is Mr. Salt's and Mrs. Pepper's 1st baby, born on Season 1's finale, and talks in a small squeaky voice. She has a littl baby brother named Cinnamon. Paprika named them herself. Her 2 favorite drinks are milk & orange juice. When Paprika was a baby girl, she had a pacifier and a rattle made from an orange, a bottle with a pink top, a yellow gummy bear for a teddy bear, and a peanut crib. She seemed to like Steve a lot when she was just a baby giggling when he tickled her. Whenever Paprika walks, she makes a rattling sound. Paprika's room is located inside the kitchen cabinet. Paprika was born in the episode Blue's News. In the 4th season, Paprika switched from sleeping in a peanut crib to a bread shaped bed.


Paprika isn't French, but she has 2 French parents. Unlike Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper, Paprika doesn't speak in a French accent. In the 1st 3 seasons, Paprika exhibited many characteristics of a stereotypical baby character. In the 4th season, it was pointed out that the Shakers were having a baby & Paprika referred to herself as a big sister & Paprika acted older in the later seasons, speaking full, legible sentences just like a big kid.


Paprika is redish brown and has a gray cap with three holes in it just like her parents. She has a pink tongue. Her arms are black and short.


Paprika has appeared in most episodes. Her 1st appearance was in Blue's News, as she was born in this episode. Her last appearance was Meet Blue's Baby Brother!.


  • She is the first character to be born in the series.
  • She is the only character that has aged in the show, from being born, to a preschool
  • She was the youngest character Cinnamon was born.
  • She has only cried in 2 episodes "Nurture" and "Love Day".
  • She was a clue in "What's New, Blue?"


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