Polka Dots


Polka Dots
Stuffed dog
First Appearance
"Blue Goes to the Doctor" (Blue's Clues)
"Snacktime Playdate" (Blue's Room)
Last Appearance
"Bluestock" (Blue's Clues)
"Music Stars" (Blue's Room)
Voiced By
Peter Linz

Polka Dots is a main character in Blue's Room.


Polka Dots is Blue's stuffed dog, who comes to life in Blue's Room. He is silly and loves surprises. His favorite game is "Polka Dots Puzzles," in which Blue and the viewer finds puzzle pieces around Blue's Room and puts them together to form a picture.


Polka Dots is mostly a sea green color with purple and pink spots. His nose is purple and his eyes are black.


Polka Dots has appeared in many episodes of Blue's Room and several episodes of Blue's Clues. His first appearance was in "Blue Goes to the Doctor." His last appearance in an episode of Blue's Clues was in "Bluestock." His first appearance in a Blue's Room episode was in "Snacktime Playdate," and his final appearance in the series was in "Music Stars."


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