In Puppyville


Puppyville is a small town in which many puppies reside. It is where Blue first met her baby brother, Sprinkles. The town mainly consists of grass, sidewalks, games and rides. Its only residents are puppies, though beings of a different species often visit the location, such as Joe.


The town's ground is covered in green grass. The sky is blue. There is a gray-colored sidewalk in the center of Puppyville. To the right of the sidewalk there is a gray stand holding a yellow-and-red ball with a blue star in its center, identical to Blue's favorite ball. Carnival rides and games such as a ferris wheel are seen in the background of the town.


Puppyville has not been visited in any episodes of Blue's Clues, though was seen in an episode of Blue's Room, a spin-off on Blue's Clues, titled Meet Blue's Baby Brother. The location became the main setting for this episode.