Shovel is a main character on Blue's Clues.


Shovel is the brother of Pail and is often found outside playing in the sandbox. Shovel likes to dig in the dirt and sand. He is often blamed by Pail for actions he did not do. He is rarely shown without Pail and he really cares about his sister. Shovel is sometimes forgetful and often doesn't take what others say very seriously. He is normally shown on the right side of the Blue's Clues house with Pail during the intro. He gets jealous whenever Pail hangs out with someone other than him, as he is used to playing with Pail alone. Shovel is quite gullible and wishes to become a vet, which he calls an animal doctor, along with Pail when he grows up. He has never been picked up and used to dig by another character. Shovel and Pail are best friends.


Shovel is mostly yellow. He has a pair of black eyes and two black eyebrows as well as a red mouth. His color scheme is the opposite of Pail, who is red with a yellow mouth.


Counting the opening and credit sequences, Shovel has appeared in every episode of Blue's Clues. His first appearance was in "Snack Time". His last appearance on Blue's Clues was "Bluestock". He makes an additional appearance in the Blue's Room episode "Meet Blue's Baby Brother" and in the "Behind the Clues" special. In "The Legend of the Blue Puppy", he is only seen as a drawing in the opening sequence.


  • Shovel was one scared of dinosaurs, as seen in "Prehistoric Blue." He has grown to like them a lot, as seen in the episode "I'm So Happy".
  • Shovel was previously shy around Sifter but befriended him in "Shy".


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