Sidetable's Lament is a somewhat sad song she sings where she tries to tell Steve that she wanted to take part in the music show. She felt too shy. But then, she realized that she had to show some confidence. This is arguably the greatest song in the history of the series, as many fans love the song with plenty of fanfare throughout the Blue's Clues fandom.

Lament #1

How will I get to sing in the show

If my friends never know

I'm too shy

To even try...

Lament #2

Steve needs to hear I want to sing in the show

I'm ready to ask, he's got to know

Lament #3

Being shy is oh, so tough

Now, I'm stuck holding this stuff

I'm not just a drawer

A fact that's ignored

Lament #4

I'm not just a drawer

(sighs) I could do so much more

Lament #5

I could sing, I know I could

I'm more than a drawer, I'm not just wood

I want to be in the show

But, they'll never know