Sidetable Drawer

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Sidetable Drawer
First Appearance
"Blue Prints" (unaired)
"Snack Time" (aired)
"Steve Gets the Sniffles" (as a major character)
Last Appearance
"Bluestock" (Blue's Clues)
Voiced By
Giving Steve/Joe his notebook, singing

Sidetable Drawer (or Sidetable for short) is a main character on Blue's Clues.


Sidetable's singing pitch is around second soprano and she likes to perform on stage. She is very talented when it comes singing, as shown in "Blue's Big Musical Movie". She can be shy at times, but will always try to help her friends. Sidetable keeps the Notebook in her drawer and usually holds the telephone on top of her.


Sidetable is red with an orange drawer. Her knob is black and her tabletop is orange with a lighter surface. She has black edging around her table and drawer. When she becomes animate, her eyes are black and she has a bright red mouth.


Sidetable has appeared in every episode of Blue's Clues, with the exception of "Blue's Big Car Trip". Her first appearance was in "Blue Prints" and her first major appearance was in "Steve Gets the Sniffles". Her last appearance in an episode of Blue's Clues was in "Bluestock".


  • Sidetable didn't become a major character of the show until Season 2. In Season 1 she was more of a background character.
  • In the first seventeen episodes of the series, Sidetable keeps only reciting the line "Blue's Clues, I'm so excited!". She said this phrase in her sleep in "Blue's Big Pajama Party".
    • In the last three episodes of Season 1, Sidetable only recites the line "I just love Blue's Clues". She said this phrase in her sleep in "Signs". 
  • The voice of Sidetable (LaNae Allen) remains the same for the entire series.
  • More than 90% of the time, Sidetable Drawer interacts with Steve or Joe when one of them comes to get the notebook. But Sidetable Drawer interacted with other characters like Periwinkle, Mr. Salt and Slippery Soap just to name a few.
  • She is the answer to Blue's Clues in "Blue's Big Musical Movie".
  • She has an inanimate form that simply shows her without her face (usually when she's not interacting with anyone), except in "Blue's Big Musical Movie" when her face is shown when Steve is singing after getting his notebook. When she switches from it, her face appears.
    • In "Math!", Sidetable's face appears onscreen before Steve gets his notebook.
    • Sidetable can be seen switching to her inanimate form at the end of "100th Episode Celebration".
  • In Season 6, her voice sounded more grown-up.
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