Silly Seat

Blue sitting on Silly Seat

Silly Seat is a large lounge chair who lives in Blue's Room. His favorite interest is telling jokes.


Silly Seat is light blue. He has many different colored spots. His arms are light blue with paw prints on the ends. Silly Seat has two eyes with blue pupils.


Silly Seat has appeared in most episodes of season six of Blue's Clues, as well as the first season of Blue's Room. However, he's nowhere to be seen in the second season for unknown reasons. His first appearance was in "The Legend of the Blue Puppy." His last appearance was in "The Power of the Alphabet."


  • Silly Seat is voiced by Jared Goldsmith and puppeteered by Marc Petrosino.
  • While the reason for the removal of Silly Seat in season two is currently unknown, it is possible that he was removed due to the reconstructing of the set in that season compared to season one, as unlike before, there is little-to-no space for him to move around the set.
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