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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Only Appearance
Good Dreams, Celebrations, Parties, Singing
Bad Dreams, Monsters, Spooky Trees, Rickety Fences
Voice actress
Sabrina Castle

Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale princess from old fairy tales (specifically the the one matching her name) who only appeared in "What Was Blue's Dream About?". She learned that you can change your bad dreams to make them good dreams .


The character only appears in the episode "What Was Blue's Dream About?".


Sleeping Beauty has lavender skin. She has pink feet pajamas and brown hair. She can be seen holding a teddy bear who has pajamas that are just like hers.


  • (Sleeping Beauty screams)
  • Steve: It's OK. It's just us.
  • Sleeping Beauty: Steve! My dream is too scary. I wanted to have a dream about a party. But, but this is what came out and I'm scared.


  • Sleeping Beauty was voiced by Sabrina Castle.
  • She is named after the Disney animated feature Princess Aurora.
  • Sleeping Beauty tells Steve that she had a dream and that he was in it; even though they did help Sleeping Beauty change her dreams in the first place when they skidooed into Sleeping Beauty's dream.


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