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Slippery Soap

Blue's Clues Slippery Nickelodeon Nick Jr Character

Slippery Soap
Soap bar
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voiced By
Cody Ross Pitts (1996-2001)
Patrick VanWagenen (2001-2003)
Sean Hanley (2004)

Slippery Soap, or simply Slippery, is a main character in Blue's Clues.


Slippery is a bar of soap who lives in the bathroom of the Blue's Clues House. He slips and slides across surfaces to get around. Slippery's catchphrase is "Whoa!" and he dreams of becoming the captain of a boat when he grows older. Slippery is often seen alongside Tickety.


Slippery is mostly a light blue lavender color. He has black eyes and a pink mouth. Slippery is always surrounded by several purple bubbles.


Slippery has appeared in many episodes. His first appearance was in Snack Time and his final appearance was in Bluestock. He makes an additional appearance in the Meet Blue's Baby Brother! episode of Blue's Room.


  • Slippery is one of the three clues in the episode, What Does Blue Need.
  • He was originally voiced by Cody Ross Pitts. Later, he was voiced by Patrick VanWagenen. Finally, he was voiced by Sean Hanley.
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