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Snail is a pink snail hidden in many scenes. She appears three times in each episode, but is not considered a true character. Snail owns a miniature skateboard (possibly taken from a doll house), which she used to make a special appearance in Blue's Big Musical Movie.


Snail is a major character often appearing without any lines at all. She appears three times in each episode, usually behind something or in a location no viewer would normally look. The snail does not interact with any other character in the series except for "Blue's Big Musical Movie", in which she rolls on screen riding a skateboard singing along with the other characters. Also, in "Magenta Comes Over", Snail was one of the two friends that Shovel and Pail were playing Hide & Seek with (the other being Duck).


Snail is mostly pink. She has black antennae and black eyes. Her shell is the same shade of pink than the rest of her body, though the swirl design on her shell is somewhat darker than her shell and body.


Snail has appeared in every episode of the original show.  She'd be in distinct places in which people wouldn't usually look at. Her 1st appearance was in "Snack Time". Her last appearance was in "Bluestock". She joined the whole cast to sing at "100th Episode Celebration". In "Let's Write!" he moves.

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