Snail is a supporting character in Blue's Clues. He is a pink snail who makes three hidden appearances in each episode.


Snail is a garden snail who is often seen hiding around the Blue's Clues house or in the backyard. He rarely has any lines but appears three times in the background of each episode. When he does speak, his voice is shown to be surprisingly deep and loud. He is voiced by Nick Balaban, one of the show's music composers who is better known for voicing Mr. Salt.


Snail is designed to look like he is made of light pink molding clay. He has black antennae and a simple black smiling face. His shell has a swirl on it.


Snail appears in every episode of the original Blue's Clues series. The following episodes feature Snail in more than just a background role:

  • "Magenta Comes Over": He plays hide-and-seek with Shovel and Pail. Steve helps them find him by following Snail's trail.
  • "Blue's Big Musical Movie": Snail joins the music show after Shovel and Pail's number. He rides in on a skateboard and sings in an operatic voice, "I just want to be me!"
  • "100th Episode Celebration": He is part of the celebration and wears a purple sequin wrap over his shell. He sings "Where's Blue?" when Joe asks where Blue is.
  • "Let's Write!": Snail is shown moving but does not have dialogue.
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