Sock Monkey is a toy monkey made from a gray and white sock. She can walk and talk, though she is an inanimate object. The sock monkey is one of Blue's favorite toys and often appears near, on or inside of the toybox in the Blue's Clues house. The character is considered a minor character in the series and appears in several episodes of Blue's Clues.


Sock Monkey is a minor character in the Blue's Clues television series, one of Blue's favorite toys often shown as a cameo character in the background of episodes. She apparently has never interacted with Joe, though she made a few cameos in some episodes when Joe was host of Blue's Clues (even fewer than the ones with Steve).


Sock Monkey is mostly gray. She has white glove like hands and a white face. The character has a red mouth and two gray ears. Her tail is long and gray with a white tip.


Sock Monkey is a recurring character. She often appears as a cameo, just lying on a toybox. Her first appearance was in Blue Wants to Play A Song Game.

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