Sock Puppet is a red sock with green buttons for eyes and yellow yarn for hair. Steve plays with it during his free time. Her first appearance was in What Does Blue Want to Make?.



  • In Blue's First Holiday, a younger Steve was seen using her with Blue and her puppet, but that moment happened before the very first game of "Blue's Clues", and in What Does Blue Want to Make?, Steve is making the sock puppet after a game of Blue's Clues. It is in that episode that the puppet is shown to be a female character not only by her long hair, but also when she called Steve handsome and starts kissing his cheek.
    • However in What's So Funny?, when Steve withdraws Sock Puppet so he can draw the 1st clue (a ball), he says: "I love that guy.", indicating that Sock Puppet may be a male.
    • It is possible that the sock puppet from Blue's First Holiday was an early incarnation of the current one.