The Boat Float


Season 5, Episode 10 (106 overall)
Monday, September 9, 2002
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Answer to Blue's Clues
Fire Boat

The Boat Float is the 10th episode of Blue's Clues from season 5.

Characters Present


Blue, Joe and their friends make boats for the boat float.



Boat tips

  • Make sure that the boat you're making doesn't have a hole on the bottom.
  • Make sure that you don't put too much weight on the boat.
  • Boats act as a balance scale. That means there has to be equal weight on both sides.
  • Raise your anchor so you can move your speedboat or ship.
  • Put up your sail on the sailboat so the wind can blow on the sail making the sailboat move.
  • Put a paddle on both sides of your rowboat or canoe so you can paddle straight.
  • Tie your boat up to a pier close to the dock so people can board the boat or ship safely.


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