The Funny Farm is a story by Tickety that Steve and Blue put on a play about in "Blue's Play".


  • Mouse
  • Cow
  • Hippo


Once upon a time, there was a funny farm. On that farm lived a mouse, and a lot of other farmyard animals. The mouse loved to make the other animals laugh, especially his friend, the cow.

One day, a lonely hippo sat on a nearby hill and saw the farm. The hippo wanted to talk to the farmyard animals, but was too shy. The mouse saw the hippo on the hill and waved hello. The hippo turned away, thinking about what she should do.

The mouse wanted to make the hippo laugh, so he did a silly dance, making all the barnyard animals laugh. The hippo thought the animals were laughing at her. She felt really mad and ran down the hill towards the farm to tell everyone to stop laughing at her. The mouse was so scared, he ran behind the barn.

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