The Trying Game


Season 1, Episode 10 (10 overall)
Thursday, January 16, 1997
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Pretend Time (Broadcast Order)
Blue Wants to Play a Game (Production Order)
Storybook Forest
1. A Horn
2. A Basket
3. A Wheel
Wrong Answer
Put the wheel in the basket and honk the horn
Right Answer
Ride a Bike

The Trying Game is the tenth episode of Blue's Clues from the First Season. It was the eleventh episode to be produced.

Characters Present


Steve and Blue try out new things.


Steve invites the viewers inside the house to try their best in the hopes of learning something, or getting even better at something we already know how to do. With Blue's encouragement, Steve takes up juggling, he starts with one ball, then two and three. We help Tickety to tell what time it is by associating times with familiar objects and rituals. In Storybook Forest, we find Baby Bear. We also help young animals find their parents, noting that some animals change forms as they grow up. Blue learns to ride a bike.


  • This is the second time Steve and Blue go to Storybook Land.
  • The felt frame has felt friends trying jumprope.
  • This is the first episode where Steve and Blue skidoo outside.
  • This was the second time a clue was found when Steve skidooed in something,
  • Blue does something similar to riding something in What's New, Blue?, but instead of riding a bike, she tries to ride roller skates.
  • Steve dances like Elvis at the beginning of the Mailtime song.
  • A basket is kind of like the second clue of the Season 5 premiere episode Can You Help?.
  • This is the second episode where a basket is a clue. The first being Blue Goes to the Beach. The only difference between the two is in that episode the basket was the first clue where as this episode and Can You Help? the basket is the second clue.
  • A letter is small like the episode Pretend Time.
  • In the US Version, Mailbox and Tickety Tock did not appear during the theme song.
  • In the UK Version, Mailbox and Tickety Tock appeared during the theme song.
  • When Steve says "The Mail's here!!", he uses his voice pitch from Snack Time in his voice from the earlier episode Pretend Time.
  • When Steve says "Yes! Yes!" after getting rid of the Pawprint, his voice was taken from the episode Blue's Favorite Song, but it's low pitched.
  • This is the third episode where two clues are found outside with only one clue found inside.
  • This is the first time where both of the last two clues are found outside.


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The Trying Game

The Trying Game

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