Washer is a washing machine that first appeared in "What Does Blue Need?". She also made cameo appearances in "Magenta Comes Over" and was the answer to Blue's Clues in "Superfriends".


Washer is a white washing machine. On the middle of her panel are a pair of white eyes with black pupils that are located between 2 dials (the one on the left is a gray circle with a black line for the knob and the one on the right is a gray spiral). Her door (which also functions as her mouth) consists of a clear glass window with a black rim and hinge.


  • She seems to be inanimate in "Superfriends", having 4 small gray buttons instead of her eyes.
    • In that episode, she was regarded as the washing machine.
Open Washer

Washer with her door open (notice the inside)

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