What's New Blue


Season 4, Episode 5 (77 overall)
Monday, October 8, 2001
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1. A Crib
2. Paprika
3. A Bed
Answer to Blue's Clues
Paprika is switching from sleeping in a crib to a bed
Skidoo News

What's New Blue is the 5th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 4.

Characters Present


Blue and her friends are trying out new things and so Blue & Steve decide to create Blue's News to document it. Blue practices roller skating, Sidetable makes up a song, Pail tries playing basketball with Shovel & Sifter, Tickety counts up to 20, Slippery makes a finger painting, Mailbox makes up a funny joke, Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper talk about their baby & more. That's the news, now everyone knows.


To be described.


  • This is the 1st episode from the 4th season to be released on VHS.
  • This episode is the first of five episodes of a story arc designed to introduce Mr. Salt and Mrs. Peppers' new baby, Cinnamon.
  • This episode touched upon newspapers were made.
  • Paprika is a clue for the 1st & only time.
  • This episode is the first of two on the video "Blue's Big News: Vol. 1: Read All About It!".
  • The "Skidoo News" includes visible headlines and even readable text. Sample headlines include:
    • "Skinny pig est un bon participant a le Tour de Skidoo"
    • "Sarah Scientist Honor--" - Text from Sarah Scientist article: Anatomyville - At a big banquet last night, Sarah Scientist was formally honored as the Skidoo News special scientist of the year. "Winning the Nobel Prize was nice," said Sarah, "but this is really special."
    • "Felt Friend Travels to Felt Planet"
    • "---ger bread......---a Parie"
  • This is the first episode to use the season 4 elements so when Steve sits on the Thinking Chair, Steve is brighter than the Thinking Chair.


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