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What's That Sound


Season 3 Episode 5
Monday May 17, 1999
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Movie Projector
1. Drops of Water
2. Cloud
3. Booming Sound
Answer to Blue's Clues

What's That Sound is the 5th episode of Blue's Clues from season 3.

Characters Present


In this episode, we listen carefully to hear all sorts of different sounds. We start out hearing a noise and identify it as wind chimes coming from outside. Later, we use noises to help Shovel and Pail follow a gopher to a neat-sounding stream. Later, we skidoo into a silent black & white movie to fix it up by adding sound effects to it. and skidoo back home where Steve slip on a booming sound with a clue on it, but he couldn't get back home and he had to stay in a movie projector for a few minutes.


  • The main music of the series is muted during the opening scene and during the closing credits.
  • This was the only episode to use hippos in the Nick Jr. logo.
  • Sometimes the sounds in this episode are at a low volume, so it might help to turn up the TV's volume.
  • On the table there was Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper's Water Xylophone from What Does Blue Want To Do On a Rainy Day.
  • This is the 2nd episode, since season 1 to have Blue appear 4 times during the credit sequence. The 1st 2 were Hide and Seek & Animal Behavior.


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